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Allowing Ourselves To Be Shaped

Henry and Grace  My daughter Sarah’s new puppy Henry has been with us for a little over two months now. We’re all adjusting to and enjoying this new member of the family. Henry embodies raw energy. Running, leaping, pouncing, chewing, and digging . . . he goes non-stop until he passes out on his dog […]

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Handing Down a Legacy of Strength and Love

With Mother’s Day so close, I have been thinking about the important place God has given to mothers. Holidays have a way of making you stop and think about the important people in your life. The Lord is strong, and He is loving. I think He planted these same qualities in the hearts of mothers […]

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Putting Our Expectations in the Right Place

  “This is not how I thought my marriage would go,” Leah must have said. “I expected my husband to love and cherish me. Instead, he loves someone else much more than me.” Poor Leah. Her story can be found in Genesis 29. “The other woman” was Leah’s younger sister Rachel. Modern-day soap operas have […]

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Waiting on God

  Waiting can be so frustrating, especially when we want something to happen. I have spoken with several people recently who feel stuck waiting. Why do we have seasons when it seems like someone hit the “pause” button and those things we hoped for seem more elusive than ever? From my own seasons of waiting, […]

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Reflecting on God’s Faithfulness

      God’s hand has moved in a mighty way as I launched my new book OPTIMISM FOR AUTISM just 7 days ago. Here’s what has happened: OPTIMISM FOR AUTISM reached Best Seller status—number 3 out of the top 100 books in its category—the first day it was sold on Amazon. WBTV Channel 3 […]

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Ministering from the Hurt Place

  Here I am with a grown-up Patrick. He turned 21 today, March 19!   Last week, I experienced the blessing of having lunch and talking with the mother of a 5-year-old autistic boy. My heart swelled with admiration for this young wife and mother, who is pouring her heart and soul into her family. […]

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Will You Be 1 Of My 100?

Dear Friends, On April 2, 2014, my book OPTIMISM FOR AUTISM will be released.  I have been told by those experienced in these matters that it helps to have a Book Launch Team, about 100 people who will help you spread the word about your book. I am taking the plunge and trying to do […]

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Helping the Weak

Sarah and Grace with little Henry My daughter Sarah got a new puppy this week. We all have fallen in love with little Henry. I’ve watched and smiled as Sarah has played with, fed, snuggled, and taken her puppy outside for countless “potty breaks.” She’s training him on a leash and teaching him different commands. […]

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Intentionally Remembering

My mother visited me the past two weeks, and we spent hours looking through old photos in order to choose pictures for my book (see prior blogs). I smiled as those images brought back many fond memories. Like the process of writing my book, looking at the pictures reminded me of the Lord’s faithful and […]

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