Goodbye Perfectionism. Hello Joy!

I sometimes struggle with perfectionism, and those feelings often try to block me from doing something, telling me I’m not good enough, inadequate, and unable. If I let those feelings stay around long enough, a heavy weight of responsibility replaces the joy in my life. The Lord showed me something wonderful this past week, and […]

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Cutting Our Teeth

My grandson Landon with his parents, my son-in-law Curt and daughter Katie My grandson Landon is cutting his first teeth. Two little white pearls are emerging through his bottom gums. While the rest of us are excited about this new development, our little man now sometimes trades his winning smile for a little furrow between […]

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We Are Loved!

David and I with our grandson Landon A few weeks ago, as I walked into our house, I discovered that my daughter Katie and grandson Landon had stopped in for a visit. When my grandson spotted me, he lifted both arms toward me. Of course, this Nana scooped him right up! I was overwhelmed by […]

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Being Thankful for Not Having Enough

People often look at Thanksgiving as a time to express gratitude for what they have. Although this is a wonderful tradition and practice, I have felt led in the past few weeks to be thankful for what I have not had. I have been realizing that the empty places in life, the situations where something […]

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Get Lost Stinkin’ Thinkin’!

The thought came to me like a snake, rearing its ugly head, ready to strike. It was a familiar thought, all wrapped up in insecurity and doubt. But this time was going to be different! The Lord had been tenderly teaching me about my thought life the past few weeks. When I experienced that thought, […]

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Welcoming Our Sidekick

My mom and I My sister Brenda got married this past weekend. Our entire family celebrated the happy occasion. I travelled to Ohio for the big event, and when I arrived, I announced to my mother, “I’ll be your sidekick”! I spent several days helping her as she assisted my sister with the wedding arrangements. We […]

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Lessons Learned from a Lost Dog

The injured dog Sarah found while running My daughter Sarah was out running this week when she came across an injured dog in the road. It looked like it had been hit by a car. Sarah stopped running, scooped up the dog, and walked over a mile back to our house. This began the Great […]

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Standing on the Rock

Doctors amputated Sam’s leg two weeks ago. One of my heroes of the faith, Sam has been the subject of my blog before. See My husband David and I went to visit Sam at the rehabilitation center this week. Sam is the one with the enormous smile in the middle of the photo. That […]

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Sharing the Gift of a Smile

My grandson Landon and his infectious smile (Photo proof courtesy of Karen Goforth, Irresistible Portraits) I took my 3-month-old grandson Landon to have his picture taken at Irresistible Portraits in Kannapolis, NC, yesterday. I watched as he smiled, cooed, laughed, and grinned at everyone he met. Before long, I noticed everyone else was smiling too. Landon spreads […]

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