We All Have A Story To Tell

Patrick and I at a recent book signing My son Patrick and I recently spoke at a local book club meeting about our new book OPTIMISM FOR AUTISM. We were able to share our experiences of living with Patrick’s autism and writing our book. Before the meeting, we asked the Lord to use our story […]

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God Gives Us Family of the Heart

  Emily, me, Silvana, and Sarah at the top of Lookout Trail I went hiking with three of my four daughters earlier this week. Together, we trekked along Lookout Trail in Montreat, NC. At the top of the trail, we enjoyed a spectacular view of the Seven Sisters mountain range. However, the best scenery I […]

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Jesus Runs the Race with Us

Sarah and David during the Half Ironman My husband David and daughter Sarah participated in a Half Ironman in Augusta, Georgia, this past weekend. We celebrated their accomplishment, especially in light of what happened a few weeks earlier. David and Sarah had trained for months to swim 1.2 miles, bike 56 miles, and run half […]

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Anxiety Medicine That Works

Anxiety. All of a sudden, we can run into it, like hitting a brick wall. That happened to me last week. I woke up at 4 a.m. with a start, and then I could not go back to sleep. Pressures, responsibilities, and deadlines started flooding my mind at a rapid pace. “Lord, help me!” I […]

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God Sees Who He Made Us To Be

As a little girl in first grade, I was so shy that I hung against the wall of school building every recess. Having compassion on me, my teacher would choose students at each break and make them play with me. The idea of having to interact and talk with others tore away at my stomach […]

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The Lord Controls the Doors

I met yesterday with the assistant superintendent of the local school system. I was able to share with her some of my and Patrick’s story, which is chronicled in our new book, OPTIMISM FOR AUTISM. I talked with her about the positive impact made by the caring professionals in the local school system. I voiced […]

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Climbing the Mountain

Patrick and David hiking and at the top of Mt. Whitney The summer after my son Patrick finished fifth grade, he went on the adventure of a lifetime, hiking Mt. Whitney with his dad, two uncles, and grandfather. Working their way to the peak—14,505 miles above sea level—would have been difficult enough without the challenges […]

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Real Love Demands Everything

When he was about four years old, my son bit a little girl at church. I tell about it in my book, “Optimism for Autism.” What I didn’t tell in the book is something my husband David and I recently discussed: We were at a pivotal moment with our church family. To be honest, we […]

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Praying Through It

  To be honest, I was pretty overwhelmed this past Friday. I wasn’t feeling well. I had a lot to do. I’m sure you can relate to those feelings at times. As my son Patrick was heading out the door, I asked him if he would pray for me and told him how I was […]

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Finding Inspiration

    My special needs son inspired an MBA graduate, and it moved me to tears. It all happened this past Saturday. “A force or influence that inspires someone, that makes them want to do or create something.” That’s inspiration, according to Webster’s Online Dictionary. Katie Huff used similar words to describe my son Patrick […]

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