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Lessons from the Blueberry Patch

It’s blueberry season, and we are harvesting blueberries from the blueberry patch at our home. As I have spent time plucking these blue jewels off my bushes the past several weeks, I have been reflecting on the many spiritual lessons found in my little blueberry patch: Fruit comes from the root. The reason our blueberry […]

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Why a Heroine with Borderline Autism?

Powerful. Riveting. And the main character has autism. My author friend Kimberly Rae has just released a new book entitled Abnormal Results. As the parent of autistic child, I am so impressed by how accurately Kimberly portrays the world of autism. I fell in love with the main character Victoria and found myself cheering her on as […]

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Handling Disappointment

Patrick on deck at the Pfeiffer University pool A few days ago, the athletic director at my son’s college called Patrick and the other members of the varsity swim team together and told them the university had decided to stop having a swim team. In one fell swoop, hopes and dreams were slashed; great sorrow […]

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Life out of Death

My friend’s daughter-in-law went for her routine prenatal exam . . . and there was no heartbeat. After praying for, celebrating, and naming their little boy, this young couple—and all of us who loved them—were confronted with a new and very different outcome than planned. Yet, in the days that followed, I watched as that […]

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Triumphing in the Long Trial

Patrick and I Stephanie Seneff, a lead researcher at MIT, recently predicted that HALF the children in the United States will be autistic by the year 2025. When I heard that shocking prediction, I thought of the many families that are and will be affected by that challenging disability. My family has been living with […]

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