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Reflections from a Blast from the Past

    Patrick and I with Grey Calvert Ward (left), Jan Dyrholm, and Jim Freeman. Patrick and I experienced a great blessing this week, reconnecting with the two ladies who taught Patrick when he was five years old, trying to help prepare him for kindergarten. Their names are Grey Calvert Ward and Jan Dyrholm, and we […]

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Delighting in the Snow

This past week, our area was blanketed with snow, the thick, fluffy kind that turned our everyday landscapes into breathtaking scenes like the one at the top of this blogpost (the view out my front window). Since I live in North Carolina in a region that rarely experiences these kinds of snowfalls, everything came to […]

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Persevering with the Lord

This photo of my son Patrick and husband David was taken at Patrick’s conference swim meet last week. Their smiles came in the wake of some personal triumphs for Patrick . . . victories that were hard won by persevering with Lord. The conference swim meet is the “holy grail” for the Varsity Swim Team […]

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Choosing to be Kind

I am loving a visit from my mother My mom is visiting for the next two weeks. Since she lives 440 miles away from me, I especially treasure this time together. Like most mothers, my mom has certain sayings that have become part of the fabric of who she is, and my favorite one is, […]

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Renovating Our Minds

My kitchen is undergoing a renovation right now. The sound of hammers and drills, and the sights of ladders and tarps are dominating the landscape of this central room for family activity. It’s good. When old systems break down and wear out, it’s time to replace them. The Bible says so. “Do not conform to […]

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