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The Lady of Daldriada

A few years ago, I started reading the Daldriada series by Christian fiction author Phyllis Keels. What I loved most about the series was how I could see Jesus moving in the world around the characters, in the hearts of the characters, and through their lives to touch others. I was always looking for Jesus as I turned the pages, and I found Him all over the place.

I have already read “The Lady of Daldriada” and “The Yeoman of Daldriada,” so I was super excited when the last book in the series, “The King of Daldriada” just released on May 15. I’ve already read it, and it perfectly completes the trilogy. The writing is powerful, beautiful, and thought-provoking. I would recommend it to anyone wanting to read an inspiring, meaningful and entertaining book. Plus, as I said, images of Jesus are tucked into much of the writing!

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I attended Phyllis Keels’ “Author of the Spirit” writing classes a couple years ago. The Lord touched my heart and encouraged me to write my own book, “Optimism for Autism,” while I attended Phyllis’ class. She is a gifted writer, teacher, and speaker, as well as a wonderful mentor. Learn more about Phyllis at (copy and paste link into your browser):


My “looking for Jesus” goes beyond the books I read. I want to be aware of His presence as I go about every day. I ask Him to help me see Him in the people I meet and the experiences I have. When someone is kind to me, I think of the Lord’s kindness. As I watch a movie and see a character give up their life for a friend, I think of Jesus, who laid down His life for us. When I come across a beautiful sunset, I think of the Lord’s great artistry and creativity, a gift He uses to bless us and show us His glory. His presence is everywhere.

I also see Him in the presence of my friend Phyllis. She exudes His love and grace. Her writing shows it too.

In conjunction with the release of her latest book, I invited Phyllis to submit a “Guest Blog” for today’s blogpost. Here is what she had to say:

How does it feel to finish a series?

Really great, and a little scary too. No matter how happy or relieved we are to finish something, the satisfaction of it begins to slide down into a fear that we’ll never be able to accomplish a feat like that again, doesn’t it? Well, we all know where that kind of fear comes from, and it’s not from God!

When I remember that I wasn’t the one to accomplish the feat in the first place, my fear melts into gratitude. This Daldriada series was the Lord’s accomplishment, not mine. His Holy Spirit breathed out the words and brought the characters to life. He did it, and if He did it once, He can do it again.

The fun part of all this is in getting to be with the Lord as He writes and brings a book into being. All the while, I can feel His presence and can simply rest in the sweetness of His fragrance – much like when we were children and we’d lie in the clover on a warm summer’s day, soaking up the beauty around us.

When I remember all these things, I am no longer filled with stress about the next book, whether there will even be one, or whether it will be any good. I am filled with an excitement about whatever He has in store for me.

When we train ourselves to depend on God’s Holy Spirit, and not on our own efforts… Only then do we see His power, His beauty, His miraculous transforming of lives. Only then.

When He gives us eyes to see His hand in our lives, He also begins to show us what He has for us next. And it is always wonderful!

As for me? He has already given me snippets of the next book series. I can’t wait to start on it! Not only for the thrill of a new story, but mostly to have that sweet writing time with Him again!

All of this is possible only because Jesus took my place. Yes, everything good comes from Jesus’ sacrifice. You see, because Jesus paid my debt of sin and was forsaken in my place, I get to be in the favor of my Heavenly Father. I get to have His sweet Holy Spirit dwelling in me all the time.

And that, my friend, destroys every fear, because nothing can stand against the full weight of the unearned favor, the grace of God!

All praise, honor, glory and blessing to the Lord now and forever more! Amen!

Keep looking for Jesus, my friends!

Question: How have you seen or experienced the Lord’s presence lately? Comment at the link below.

Susan Jane King

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