Reflections from a Blast from the Past

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Patrick and I with Grey Calvert Ward (left), Jan Dyrholm, and Jim Freeman.

Patrick and I experienced a great blessing this week, reconnecting with the two ladies who taught Patrick when he was five years old, trying to help prepare him for kindergarten. Their names are Grey Calvert Ward and Jan Dyrholm, and we saw them as we spoke at Milford Hills United Methodist Church. We also ran into Jim Freeman, my former boss, mentor and friend, who was CEO at Rowan Regional Medical Center when I worked there. I thanked the Lord over and over for allowing us to see and visit with these special friends.

The Lord uses people to shape us.

Reconnecting with these dear people from our past reinforced to me how intentional the Lord is in using others to shape our lives. Often, we don’t realize at the time how significantly others impact us until we have a moment like I did a few days ago . . . We run across them again, and we have time to reflect and be thankful for their influence on our lives.

The ladies in Patrick’s transitional classroom taught me a great deal about determination and perseverance. They worked tirelessly to try to help the developmentally delayed children under their care to make progress academically and socially. They loved their students and fought for services for them. They motivated parents to never give up in advocating for their children.

My former boss modeled graciousness, respect, and strength under control. I watched him interact with many different types of employees and medical personnel. He treated others like they were valued and valuable. He led others by his example to do the same.

The Lord uses people to teach us about Him.

I admire how all three of these individuals used their personality traits to honor the Lord. In fact, thinking about their personal qualities reminded me of the Lord Himself. He fights for us. He never leaves or forsakes us. He loves us to the end. He is gracious and strong. He values us, so much so that He died for us.

The Lord uses people to draw us to Him.

In fact, God’s goal is for all of us to be conformed to (take on) the image of His Son Jesus (Romans 8:29), so that people can look at us, see Jesus, and be drawn to Him. Grey, Jan, and Jim do a good job at that. May we allow Jesus to fill our lives to such an extent that He can do the same through us.

Question: How have you seen the Lord’s qualities in other people? Comment at the link below.

Susan Jane King

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