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How does a boy the doctors say is “mentally retarded” graduate high school with honors and earn academic scholarships to attend college?

How does a boy who doctors say may never speak become a powerful vocalist and gifted public speaker who brings audiences to tears?

How does a boy who cannot tie his shoes until he is 13 years old emerge as a swimming champion who receives an athletic scholarship to swim in college?

Only by the grace and power of God.

In “OPTIMISM FOR AUTISM” Susan and Patrick King share how they found joy and purpose in the midst of living with autism. Learn from this inspirational story how you, too, can:

• Not just survive but actually thrive in the midst of life’s ongoing challenges
• Break the cycle of discouragement and depression and learn how to find peace
and strength in your struggles
• Stop agonizing over what could have been and embrace God’s plan for you and
those you love
• Replace the fear of failure with the truth that you can live in victory in the midst of


Susan and Patrick King

Awarded 5 Stars by Readers’ Favorite Book Reviews and Award Contest

Optimism for Autism – The Inspirational Journey of a Mother and Her Autistic Son by Susan King with Patrick King is the heartwarming story of a boy who struggles with his autism, but manages to overcome his disability and becomes successful in what he does. The book speaks about the agonizing journey of a mother and her autistic son who, by keeping their faith in God, find a purpose to living. The story of Patrick King and Susan King will change your perspective on autism. Patrick is the autistic boy who overcomes the disability and learns to live with happiness. The book starts from the initial stages of Patrick’s disability, his erratic behavioral patterns, how he makes peace with himself, and finally achieves success.

Patrick’s perspective at the end of the chapters and the ‘something to think about’ exercises are very useful. It lends more details about how to look at autistic people and it is also a sort of check list to see the progress one makes. The book is very useful and helpful to those working around autistic people. Autistic people find it difficult to communicate with others. The book is an eye-opener for families having to deal with autistic people around them.

Patrick keeps his faith in God and faces his disability every day with a good outlook. His therapy sessions reveal his optimism towards life which motivates readers, too. The book reiterates readers’ faith in the Supreme Power whose grace will see us through any problems that we face in life. An uplifting story that will change the perspective of the people working around and with autistic people.

— Reviewed by Mamta Madhavan for Readers’ Favorite


“I can’t tell you how many tears were shed while reading this book. I loved it! I feel like we are just beginning this autism journey with my young son, and this book has given me lots of hope for what is to come. I have read many books about autism over the last 4 years, and it helps to hear other people’s struggles and triumphs. But what I really liked about this book is the emphasis on scripture and who is ultimately in control.”—Kelly, mother of an autistic child
“Many parents will relate to the despair and loneliness of a child in crisis. Yet, Susan chronicles how the Lord intervened so beautifully and so perfectly at so many times. I am grateful that she has taken the time to record His faithfulness to her and her family. I am grateful Susan is completely honest about the times she struggled with uncertainty and sadness. This story of challenge and triumph is really the story of everyone’s struggles–whether with disappointment, addiction, loss, or fractured relationships–and the book affirms the Biblical promises of hope and triumph.”—Carole
“I could not put this book down, well not until my iPad battery died and forced me to take a break! As a speech language pathologist who works with children, I greatly appreciate the hope it gives to all families affected by autism, or any other diagnosis of disability. However, this book is much more than that. It shows us how obedience to God can get us through our daily living, no matter how big or small the difficulties. Susan shows us how she and her husband trusted in the Lord in the initial diagnosis, in their marriage, in career decisions, in child rearing for all their children, and especially in helping Patrick learn to deal with his ‘quirkiness.’ And Patrick teaches us to be in constant prayer for all things, to believe in every word of God, and to be totally obedient to His teachings. As Christians, we all need to be a lot more like Patrick. This book will be an inspiration to all who read it.”–Sylvia

I don’t have any close friends or family members who have autism, so I doubted that Susan King’s book would interest me, But when I started reading I couldn’t put it down. She is a careful observer of herself as well as others, an intelligent and insightful writer and a superb storyteller. This is not simply a book about autism; it is about how a loving family confronts a difficult challenge with love and faith and determination. Well done, Susan.”– Ed Williams, editor of editorial pages, Charlotte Observer, for 25 years; Pulitzer Prize winner; inductee, NC Journalism Hall of Fame