Susan Jane King: Speaking

Susan and Patrick King are available for speaking engagements, either together or separately.

Susan King has worked for 21 years with her son Patrick, cultivating an optimistic approach to his autistic challenges. Co-founder of Covenant Ministries and teacher of a large Sunday School class, Susan is a published writer, Bible teacher, and experienced speaker who helps persons facing ongoing challenges to find joy in the journey.

Patrick King attends Pfeiffer University, where he serves on a newly created Autism Center Committee. He is an accomplished vocalist, scholarship athlete, and Presidential Scholar. He finds joy in helping others understand about autism and the constant hope found in the Lord.



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Susan and Patrick will be glad to try to accommodate you if you have a particular topic or theme in mind for your event.

“Susan and Patrick King were the keynote speakers at our Special Needs Mini-Conference.  The annual conference is designed for families and teachers of children with special needs to come together for support and training.  As a parent of a child with autism, Susan openly shared her journey from hopelessness to hope with the audience.   Patrick talked about autism and how it affected his life, transitioning from anecdotes to practical information about the autism spectrum. Patrick enabled our attendees to experience what it is like to have autism, and his engaging style of presenting kept the audience riveted.   Both speakers were extremely powerful.  They shared how individuals with special needs can overcome their difficulties.  There wasn’t a dry eye in the place.  Their encouraging story makes them highly sought after inspirational and motivational speakers.”—Norma Honeycutt, executive director, Partners in Learning, Salisbury, NC

“Susan King is a gifted and accomplished Bible teacher and speaker.  Susan’s easy-going manner, combined with her confident approach, makes her an engaging presenter.  Susan makes no apologies for finding her strength and purpose in Jesus Christ alone. Susan has been a featured speaker at our church.  As a speaker, she’s accomplished.  As a Bible teacher, she’s extraordinary.  As a friend, she’s amazing!”   Michelle Hunter, women’s ministry leader, Mt. Zion UCC, China Grove, NC

“A teacher’s effectiveness is seen not in their ability to entertain an audience, but in their ability to move others to embrace truth and practice that truth in their lives. Those who sit and listen as Susan presents the scriptures accurately, thoughtfully, and powerfully are themselves leaders in our church family and seek to serve Christ enthusiastically with the gifts that He has presented to them through the Holy Spirit. Susan’s ability to convey Biblical truth is forged not only by her diligent study of the scriptures but in the crucible of life.”—Dr. Kenneth Lance, senior pastor, First Baptist Church, Salisbury, NC


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