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Healing is Found in Jesus

Created: 5/27/18

Embrace Life Through Jesus Christ

Created: 5/20/18

Walk in the Light of Jesus Christ

Created: 5/13/18

We are Redeemed and Secure

Created: 5/6/18

Persevering in Faith Through Trials

Created: 4/29/18

Beware of Compromised Potential

Created: 4/22/18

Growing in Our Faith

Created: 4/15/18

Challenged to Total Commitment

Created: 4/8/18


Created: 4/1/18

Commissioned for Our Calling

Created: 3/25/18

God is Faithful

Created: 3/18/18

Obeying God in the Midst of Our Calling

Created: 3/11/18

Taking the Land

Created: 3/4/18

What Now?

Created: 2/25/18

Jesus Crucified for Us

Created: 2/18/18

He is Risen!

Created: 2/11/18

Rejecting Jesus Leads to Destruction

Created: 2/4/18

Jesus is King

Created: 1/28/18

The Heart of the Gospel

Created: 1/21/18

Jesus is Fully God

Created: 1/14/18

Knowing and Proclaiming Jesus

Created: 1/7/18

Tending to the Soil of Our Hearts

Created: 12/31/17

We Must Choose Jesus

Created: 12/24/17

Faith in Jesus’ Authority

Created: 12/17/17

Emphasizing Relationship over Rituals

Created: 12/10/17

How to Resist Temptation

Created: 12/03/17

When Jesus Rules in Our Lives

Created: 11/26/17

Immanuel God with Us

Created: 11/19/17

Preparing the Way for Jesus

Created: 11/12/17

Our Response: Praise and Thanksgiving

Created: 11/05/17

The Lord is Faithful

Created: 10/29/17

The Lord Cleanses and Restores

Created: 10/22/17

Confessing Our Sins

Created: 10/15/17

The Lord is Our Shepherd

Created: 10/08/17

Wisely Choosing Our Path

Created: 10/01/17

The Lord is with You wherever You Go

Created: 09/24/17

Patrick King singing “Forevermore”

Do Not Be Afraid or Discouraged

Created: 09/17/17