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Susan Jane King: About Susan


Susan Jane King is a wife to an amazing man named David, mom to four incredible gifts from God named Katie, Emily, Sarah, and Patrick, and mother-in-law to a super son-in-law named Curt. A published writer, inspirational speaker, and devoted Bible teacher, Susan lives in China Grove, North Carolina. She helps lead Covenant Ministries and teaches a weekly adult Sunday School class with an average attendance of 90 persons at First Baptist Church in Salisbury, NC. Since her life has been impacted by autism, Susan loves to encourage and assist others in the special needs community. Her greatest passion is to help others thrive in their relationship with Jesus in the midst of life’s ongoing challenges and struggles. Susan’s speaking engagements have placed her before special needs communities, teachers, and Christian audiences. She loves digging into the scriptures and sharing with others how Biblical truths can be applied to daily living. Susan has a bachelor of science in journalism degree from the Ohio University School of Journalism, where she was named the Outstanding Graduate of 1983. She worked in public relations, advertising, and marketing for 14 years prior to being called to quit work. When she is not speaking, teaching, or writing, she enjoys coaxing her extremely mellow golden retriever Grace outside for a walk in God’s beautiful creation.


“Susan has earned the respect of both men and women. But women strongly connect with her leadership, and I believe the main reason is that her life matches the truth she teaches. She has handled the challenges of being a parent, of being a woman, and of being a Christian with a level of confidence that only comes from being a person who knows the depth of God’s grace.”—Dr. Kenneth Lance, senior pastor, First Baptist Church, Salisbury, NC
“People can’t help but feel the presence of the Holy Spirit when listening to or while in conversation with Susan. She has the unique ability to connect with women on a very personal level, because her connection comes from her heart and from working through her own personal and spiritual struggles.”– Michelle Hunter, women’s ministry leader, Mt. Zion UCC, China Grove, NC