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Will You Be 1 Of My 100?

Dear Friends, On April 2, 2014, my book OPTIMISM FOR AUTISM will be released.  I have been told by those experienced in these matters that it helps to have a Book Launch Team, about 100 people who will help you spread the word about your book. I am taking the plunge and trying to do […]

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Helping the Weak

Sarah and Grace with little Henry My daughter Sarah got a new puppy this week. We all have fallen in love with little Henry. I’ve watched and smiled as Sarah has played with, fed, snuggled, and taken her puppy outside for countless “potty breaks.” She’s training him on a leash and teaching him different commands. […]

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Intentionally Remembering

My mother visited me the past two weeks, and we spent hours looking through old photos in order to choose pictures for my book (see prior blogs). I smiled as those images brought back many fond memories. Like the process of writing my book, looking at the pictures reminded me of the Lord’s faithful and […]

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