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The Tight Squeeze

I caught my breath as the measuring tape cinched around my waist. She’s pulling it awfully tight, I thought. Oh well, I reassured myself, I’m going to lose some weight anyway. It will be okay. I was getting measured to order a dress that I planned to wear to my daughter Sarah’s wedding in about […]

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Taking Thoughts Captive

The minute I saw Patrick’s face, I knew something was wrong. “Mom, can I talk with you for a minute?” he said. “Sure. How was your day?” I said. “Terrible,” he said. “I blew the interview. I am never going to get the virtual hire!” Patrick has been attending an 18-week computer programming immersion program. […]

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Step Out with God

My grandson is getting too heavy to carry. He recently turned two years old. Instead of carrying Him, I now let him walk beside me as he holds my hand. We walk together into new adventures all the time. He trusts me, so he willingly goes where I lead him. I like to think he […]

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